Omega Dustless Chalk


From time immemorial school has been associated with teacher writing on the blackboard.

Instructional materials in class are placed on the chalkboard in form of notes, illustrations, drawings, questions and exercises for students to read.

The medium for doing this is chalk.

Anyone who has gone through a conventional primary and secondary school, like most of us knows exactly what I am talking about.

School cannot be school without chalk!

There will be arguments about ultra modern schools that use computer-based technology (ICTs) to deliver classroom instructions instead of the traditional chalkboard and chalk but then I am speaking for the vast majority of schools in the developing countries.

In as much as we advocate for technological development and the integration of ICTs in education, we must acknowledge the fact that for a long time to come our schools shall continue using chalk.

It is therefore only fair that such schools get good quality chalk that is both pocket- friendly and environmentally compliant.

To this end, nothing beats Omega Dustless chalk by Omega School Boards & Accessories Limited.

Why Omega Dustless Chalk?

  • It is a reputable brand that has stood the test of time.
  • It emits minimal dust levels; it doesn
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